At Triom, we manage all of the stages of research and development flawlessly. Our project managers lead individual projects independently, using this autonomy to handle every phase of the work process in a complete and efficient fashion.

Our staff is specialized in turning customers’ visions into reality and creating the ideal aesthetic finish for each state-of- the-art technical project. From photometric to structural and electronic design, each step in the process is monitored carefully. We perform the appropriate validation tests necessary for the devices to achieve the best results as they fulfill molding projects and mold flow.

Molding, Prototypes and Homologation

Since we make the production molding autonomously, we have complete control over the timing and quality of the processes.

Additionally, the various production facilities house laboratories certified by the Ministry for the homologation of devices and dedicated test areas where products are assessed for their ability to withstand severe weather and stressful situations.

Ricerca e Sviluppo
Ricerca e Sviluppo