For over 40 years, Triom has illuminated the darkness.
For over 40 years, we have steered our customers towards creating their vehicles.

About Us

Triom was founded in Italy, the country that has fostered our dreams since birth and encouraged our insatiable appetite for knowledge, leading us to develop exceptional research skills and an ability to find new ways of solving problems.
This thirst has stimulated us to listen to the requests of a continuously transforming market and to find new facilities in the world where we can not only manufacture our products but also create the right environment for addressing every detail of the individual projects.

Research & Development

At Triom, we manage all of the stages of research and development ourselves. Our project managers lead individual projects independently and are able to handle every phase of the work process.

Our staff is specialized in turning customers’ visions into reality and creating the ideal Aesthetic finish for each state-of- the-art technical project.

Production Process

Production Process To maintain our high quality standards, Triom oversees every aspect of the production process, which is why we focus heavily on the renewal of our machinery fleet and on enhancing the skills of each person on our production line.

To keep our promise of quality throughout the world, we use dedicated protocols to constantly verify the production standards in all of our facilities.

In order to guarantee the best results and keep our promise of Italian quality even at production sites near our customers, we have implemented first-rate internal communication processes and control standards.

Our Customers