For over 40 years, Triom has illuminated the darkness. For over 40 years, we have steered our customers towards creating their vehicles.

Yet we asked ourselves, what is the point of having a functional object that has been stripped of its aesthetic value? If we remove all of the sensory elements of the objects that surround us, wouldn’t the world be an awful place to live in?

These questions guided us as we developed a broader vision for Triom, a vision that drives our commitment to supporting our customers’ aspirations with all the instruments available to us, every day. But we weren’t satisfied with this single input.

Over the years, we have pushed ourselves to take it further and keep our eyes focused way beyond today, welcoming the opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to our Italian-born expertise.

Alessio Caputo – CEO Triom S.p.a.

La Visione di Triom